Old Nowa Club, Akademickie Centrum Kultury i Sztuki, Toruń, Poland (Photo: Michał Kołosowski)

Rupert Wates and Bartosz Hadala The Nightwatchers duo

The Metropolitan Room, New York City

Old Nowa Club, Akademickie Centrum Kultury i Sztuki, Toruń, Poland (Photo: Michał Kołosowski)

Old Nowa Club, Akademickie Centrum Kultury i Sztuki, Toruń, Poland (Photo: Michał Kołosowski)

The Nightwatchers are Rupert Wates (guitar, voice) and Bartosz Hadala (piano).

Rupert and Bartosz first met and played music in New York City in 2008. Ever since, though they now live in different cities and in different countries, they have continued to meet and play together whenever and wherever they can. The music they make is a mix of folk, jazz, cabaret, and classical. To the mix, Wates brings his original songwriting, his fluid fingerstyle guitar, and his distinctive vocals, at once gentle and intense. Hadala adds his virtuoso piano technique, his wide jazz background and his interpretive sensitivity. Between them, The Nightwatchers make music that is consummately assured, moving and unforgettable.


Rupert Wates was born in London and studied at Oxford University. In 1994 he signed an exclusive publishing deal with Eaton Music and has been a full time songwriter ever since. In the 1990s he worked with Jazz Vocalist Liz Fletcher, recording the albums ‘Mellowmania’ and ‘Blue Afternoons’, released on the Mainstem label. In 2001 he moved to Paris, France, where he formed his own group and developed his skills as a performer. In 2006 he recorded his first solo album, ‘Sweet Or Bitter Wine’, for Mainstem. He moved to The United States in 2007, settling in 2008 in New York City.
Since coming to the US Wates has released six full length solo Cds on his own label, BiteMusic Limited. Each has received extensive airplay on radio programs worldwide. In 2010, Wates recorded ‘Joe’s Café’, a new album concept comprising songs based on true stories and featuring fifteen guest vocalists. The album is also a live performance piece which Wates performs regularly at Fringe and Theater Festivals across North America. More information regarding ‘Joe’s Café’ can be found at www.bitemusiclimited.com.

Rupert Wates's songs have been recorded by other performers in the UK, Canada, and in the US.  In 2015, Roxie Rogers (www.roxierogers.com), a vocalist and performer based in Nashville, Tennessee, released 'Crazy Puzzle', a CD comprising songs drawn exclusively from Wates' catalog.  In 2017, Los Angeles performer Susan Kohler (www.susankohler.com/singer/)released 'Wide Open Heart', also featuring only Rupert Wates' original songs.  Both these CDs were initiated and funded entirely by the performers themselves, and might fairly be described as tribute albums to the songwriting of Rupert Wates.  

In addition to writing and recording, Wates averages 150 live shows every year, in venues in every state in America, in Canada and in Europe. He is the winner of close to 30 songwriting awards. The Folk And Acoustic Music Exchange has called him "A prime figure in American music" (www.acousticmusic.com). More details regarding his solo work are at www.rupertwatesmusic.com.


Bartosz Hadala’s fascination with music began at a young age in his native Poland when he began listening to his father’s collection of Dixieland records. He was playing the piano at age six. From 1984 through 1992 while receiving formal musical training at the local music school Bartosz actively participated in festivals, competitions and jazz workshops. At 16, Bartosz became the youngest finalist in the Mieczyslaw Kosz International Jazz Piano Competition (Kalisz, Poland), and also received a scholarship to Berklee College of Music (Boston, MA). In 1996 he studied with Anatoliy Kardashov at Odessa State A.V. Nezhdanova Musical Academy (Ukraine), and in 1998 received a full scholarship to Western Michigan University (Kalamazoo, MI), where he completed his jazz studies. While at WMU Bartosz received an “Outstanding Performance” award from “Down Beat” magazine. Also in 2004 he presented the “Bartosz Hadala Group” at the IAJE Conference in Toronto (Canada).

Bartosz spent six years in New York City where he pursued his career as a jazz pianist and held the position of organist at the St. Stanislaus Kostka American­Polish parish in Greenpoint (Brooklyn). He also worked as an accompanist at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. While in New York Bartosz released his first CD entitled “The Things You Have Given Me” (original Christian music), on the Apria Records label, taking credit for the music, lyrics, vocals and production of the album.
Throughout his career he has appeared as a leader, sideman, accompanist or musical director with many different artists: Ada Rovatti, Justin Binek, Mark Kelso, Mike Downes, Kirk MacDonald, Ethan Ardelli, Jacek Pelc, Jarosław Śmietana, Henryk Miśkiewicz, Maciej Sikała, Paweł Pańta, Cezary Konrad, David Hicks, Dorcas Davis, Valerie Ahneman, Basia Moore, Martha Wash, Alexia Tate, Michael Doane, Maleika Cole, Anthony Escobar, Jennifer Smolos, Rupert Wates, Izabela Grajner­ Partyka, Julia Partyka, Anna Grądzka ­Jakubczak, just to mention a few.

He made his debut at the legendary “Blue Note Jazz Club” in January, 2007, with jazz singer Andy Suvalsky, with whom he’s also appeared at the Iridium Jazz Club. On April 1st, 2007, Mr. Hadala performed at the St. James Cathedral with his quintet featuring a jazz legend Billy Hart on drums. Also in 2007 Bartosz had an opportunity to record with another jazz legend, drummer, Lenny White. In October 2009, Bartosz made his debut performance at the Carnegie Hall with jazz singer Basia Moore.

In 2010, Bartosz joined the Piloo Records and Production label to release his first jazz album entitled “The Runner Up”, featuring jazz greats, trumpeter Randy Brecker, and drummer Antonio Sanchez.

For more information visit www.bartoszhadala.com.

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